The world of internet introduced us the technology in many ways. But it also opened us up to dominance that has never before been so diverse and challenging. The growth of computer systems and the increasing of dependencies upon them by individuals, businesses, industries and governments indicate that their systems at high risk. When the hacking world grew faster than the security world, we need that type of security technology which protects us from hackers or attackers. Here the term ‘Cyber Security’ comes to help us in different manner. We are here to explain you All About Cyber Security.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the protection of networks, software, computer or mobile device systems from digital attackers. It may be profitable for the attackers or sometime they are motiveless about the damages. They concern only for fun but the opposite party is lost a much. The cyber security is designed with the 4 wall architecture for the invaders. Like it has no window from came to attack. Cyber Security is the wall of security which protects individual or organisational data in today’s digital world.

What is Cyber Threat?

A Cyber Threat is prefers to an activity intended disturbance the security of Cyber Threat Environment. Cyber Threat Environment includes websites, social media, E-commerce platforms and solutions, cloud computing and storage, intranet, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), web-based applications, internet connected smart devices.

Types of Cyber Threats – Cyber threats consist of one or more types of attacks. Some common cyber threats are-

  • Malware: Any piece of software that designed to cause damage to any devices, steal data and intentionally cause a mess. Viruses, Trojans, spyware and ransom ware are the different kind of malware.
  • Phishing: Steal sensitive information like usernames, passwords, credit card details, online banking logins, businesses login credential by sending fraudulent messages. These deceptive messages often pretend to be from a large organisation to make the scam more believable and can be sent via mail, SMS, instant messaging or social media platforms. They often contain a link to a fake website where encouraged to enter confidential details.
  • Trojans:  There are several things Trojan can do and one of its important features is, it remains in the user’s system secretly and does not let them find it. The attacker will be able to make changes in any file, download and send any confidential data, will be able to delete the files and can perform all of the actions that the user can do.
  • Ransom ware: Subset of malware that involves locking a computer system files through encryption and demanding a payment to decrypt and unlock then. The primary motive for ransom ware is monetary. High chances to demanded payment in a virtual currency, so that the cybercriminal’s identity is not known.
  • Spyware: As the name implies, this is software that “spies” on computer. It can capture information like web browsing habits, e-mail messages, username and passwords and credit card information. If left unchecked, the software can transmit the data to another person’s computer over internet.

Cyber attackers and their motives:

Depending on the people doing the dishonesty, their motives could be as simple as Wi-Fi password stealing, or they could be more devastating such as shutting a city or country’s power down. Some cyber hackers are hungry for recognition like IT professionals, politically motivated hackers.  Where some are not interested in recognition like psychological prevents, financially motivated hackers, state- sponsored hackers, organized criminals. Apart from these attackers some people are hacked or attacked for their revenge purpose like former organizational employees, competing company using employees to gain economic advantage. Among of them the thing only common is dishonest with personal data, which is to be needed more secure.

Why need Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the boundary of the secure world where anyone protected about their sensitive data, personal information, intellectual property data, Governmental and industry information systems from digital criminals and adversaries. The use of Cyber Security can help prevent cyber-attacks, data breaches, identity theft and can aid in risk management. When an organisation has a strong of network security and an effective incident response plan, it is better able to prevent and serious of this attacks. For example, end user protection defends information and guards against lost or theft while also scanning computers for malicious code.

Just as defensive driving improves the safety of other motorists on the road, or staying home when anyone sick prevents spreading flu around your area, maintaining proper cyber security measures on your own devices affects the rest of the online community.

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